One Direction公会开微信团rmt石锤证据

One Direction公会中国抖音主播小阿月公然直播开微信团,由其姘头kadej法师牵头下面是石锤证据

In fact, 1dkp is equal to 1rmb. After the opening of the group, 40 people independently opened the wechat group, locked the group and YY chat channel. In order to prevent reports, no outsiders are allowed to enter the group

They should have stuck to music.

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好像全团被封了0 0




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Its as clear as daylight they are RMT. They dont get banned because they are Chinese but they were RMT, which is clearly being forbidden in ToU.
If you had any sense of fair-play, you should realize what a horriable thing they had done, I mean, some buy gear with real money, and you think it`s fine to unban them? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

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i agree with u even i am a chinese also a fan of lululu.
not only them, i also see lot ppl still want buy and sell gold for real money. they just cant change. so just ban their account pls.