One more Q&A to build hype before launch

I think the original Q&As help to keep the hype up and further build upon it, I get why they weren’t continued (repetitive questions, devs busy working on the server, need for a unified msg) but I think we should bring it back a week or two before launch because seeing all those people participate in the discord and being able to talk directly to devs and staff was such a great feeling I think it will do a lot to get people excited.

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Good idea, one last Q&A would be amazing!
Like to cover the basics and then some other community questions again.
Not everyone sees the older Q&As, i think it’s a great idea!

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I think that general project advertising and announcing a stress test date and promoting it heavily is what is needed the most now.

Since there have been 2 Q/A sessions, I think people have exhausted their questions and there might be no content for another session.

Rather, the staff must capitalize on the upcoming stress and make it very HUGE! High pop on the test would reflect well on the people more than a Q&A session.

Everyone has to post about the stress test and live stream it.


I agree I upvoted and comment on you’re post we should do both!

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True, i don’t think it’s just pick one.
Both are important! :smiley: