<oops> Horde - EU - LC

Horde - EU - LC - Raid 21:00 CET - days tbd (but weekdays)

Quality, efficiency and good times guild
“smashing dragons, fire elements, old gods and bone piles while, in the meantime disturbing enemy faction.”

Recruiting gamers interested in organized preparation for quick and smooth raid clears.

Loot System:
Loot Council with a personal wishlist.
Rewarding effort , performance, attendance, preparation and team-play.

DM for more info or join our discord.

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Adding a few more details about the guild:

Oops formed from a handful of vanilla wow nerds and chads from different backgrounds but with extravagant experience and a common goal, to clear whole Everlook’s content in a quality manner.
We are not going to use a cliché label (hardcore, semi-hardcore, casual) to describe our guild because we find it cringe to do in 2022 but our goals are clear.

We are not competing for realm first kills or top speedrunning records. Neither aiming to establish control over every resource.
But we are embracing organized preparation for efficient and quick raid clears.

  • World buff tours
  • Optimal raid roster
  • Consumable usage
  • Gear optimization (enchants, pre-raid bis farm)
  • Constructive critique & Positive environment

In other words: Respect everyone’s time. Good preparation saves precious time and rewards with purples.

Raiding Schedule

Thursday/Tuesday 21:00 cet (Pull time)

Recruitment status: open

Loot System

Loot Council that rewards effort , performance, attendance, preparation and team-play. Have these attributes and earn priority.

Additional activities: Alt raid, PvP and community events