Open peter, it's real

peter is hardcore, he likes to watch me undress. I’ve entered him, and it seem that he is F R E S H.

Thanks to open peter I now know I could never be a Troll for too long. Thank you open peter.


Forsaken for life!

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So, its gone then. They closed open peter after all. Am I completely fucking mad about this? You betcha. Am I justified? Most likely yes. I have a consecutive 36hr,21min and 34 seconds loginthon streak, and Ive accumulated over 20 days played in those few short weeks. I killed every npc in the open peter, and I made myself known in both the raids and the battlegrounds. People fear me, loathe me, love me in open peter, and soon its gonna be all gone. You keep shouting about fresh and next fresh and fresh this and fresh that and guess what? It counts for nothing afterall, because I just lost the character I invested so much time at in the open peter. But I guess that’s just me, why the fuck should you care? Had you actually played the game you would. If you think open peter is a fucking joke, you shouldn’t play fresh at all.