Opinion: Why GDKP is bad

My main objection to GDKP is that it directly allows you to exchange gold for gear outside of the time honored tradition of exchanging time/sexual favors(kek) for gear. Vanilla WoW is at its heart a social game and forcing players to spend time together, interact, and build relationships is a good thing for the server. Allowing for GDKP directly works against this.

Normally, you need to work with people to achieve your goals. You need to create a relationship with a guild or group of like minded individuals to get that. These relationships that people build are what keeps them playing.

You aren’t going into MC for the umpteenth time to get your 20th Vendorstrike, you’re there because your long suffering MT has seen 5 Left bindings and witnessing the unmitigated joy he will experience after finally getting that last Right binding would make you feel warm 'n fuzzy inside. Being able to share in that experience with other people is what keeps people playing.

The goal of playing may be loot, but it is not the loot that is important.

If you can get epic loot without having to interact with players outside of being a DM:E lasher hermit 24/7, you’re giving people a way to achieve those goals without forming relationships first. How hollow does it feel to get your first epic with a Wal-mart receipt attached instead of 39 other people slapping you on the back affirming that you deserved it?

You’ll get players that at worst, buy gold or at best, soullessly farm gold until they hate themselves to get fully epic’d out. Regardless, many of these players will look at their purples, see that no one gives a shit about it because they paid the gold price like a shitty Saudi Prince, and ditch the server lonely and disillusioned. Spare those miscreants this sad fate.

Also I can’t even imagine the nightmare the GMs would have trying to track RMT gold after it gets laundered though a GDKP run and distributed to 30+ different raiders.

No. GDKP. Please.


My big issues with GDKPs are that they incentivises people to go out and buy gold for real money.
I know it’s pretty much a meme, but i personally believe that the economy of a MMORPG is really important for its well being. I like the old way of getting gear as well. It shouldn’t be that it’s better to not play the game to actually get somewhere in the game. Like you spend money to get all the gold and equipment you want… and then what? The journey is also a huge part of the game, especially in Vanilla. It’s all about the journey, the people you meet etc. If you don’t have much time since you have obligations, that’s understandable. See it like this: the game is the journey. Enjoy it. Have fun and try different things.

Good points ehdie :smiley:


What is GDKP?

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Players bid gold on items, highest bidder gets the item. There are no restrictions such as ‘is it even usable for you?’ - gold is king.

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Back in the day people would use a system where you earn points by participating in raids that could be used for buying/bidding on loot. These were called DKP (dragon kill point) loot systems. Some guilds still use them but the amount of bookkeeping involved has generally seen this fall out of favor.

GDKP stands for gold dragon kill points. It means instead of earning points with raid participation to spend on gear, you just swipe daddy’s credit card with the local gold seller and he sends you 20,000g to buy your fresh 60 nelf rogue a thunderfury :face_vomiting:

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Outside of the buying gold problem which should just result in an instant permanent ban and a kick in the balls IRL the main problem I see with GDKPs is that it rewards slacking. When I played my tank warrior in classic and was farming for my TF I sometimes came to raid with less than 30g left after buying consumables because they were expensive as fuck (also thanks to the gold buyers). So if I wanted to min max my loot from GDKPs it would have been a good idea to just come to raid without a flask, use elixirs instead of Jujus, use the worse buff food, not pay warlocks for improved world buff uptime, etc. Basically be a worse main tank and make the raid worse for 39 people in order to get more loot. So yeah, fuck it.


Have you not read the server rules inside the Discord or on the website?

GDKP is banned, it always has been since the servers inception.

“GDKP/Gold selling & buying
Both GDKPs and real money transactions involving gold/gear are prohibited, and will lead to account closure. In addition, gambling & death rolling are prohibited.”


I think it’s more like to show people why it’s bad.
But you are right, it is banned! :smiley:

Yeah it’s settled server law, but I occasionally hear people asking about it so thought I’d just put in my thoughts on the matter :+1:


A big issue I noticed on classic servers was GDKPs are near mandatory & very expensive. If you wanted to gear up an alt, you are basically forced to do GDKPs as no one wants to bring you along in cruddy gear or without proof of logs. In order to fund a single piece of gear you’d have to get your main to run 2 or 3 GDKPs. Yeah… instead of running a raid once and getting so many pieces of gear, you now have to run it 4 times (three on main, one on alt) to get 1 piece of gear… gotta love it.


I for one, am so glad there will be no GDKPs on this server. 80% of the reason I’m playing on it. These ripped through Classic like wildfire on the server I was on and turned things quite sour in addition to all the boosting.


Ms-os roll is the Real vanilla

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