Player Goz used mind control illegally

Player Goz used mind control illegally.
and here is the screenshot.

What’s illegal about this mindcontrol?

and why it’s “illegal”

idk. Maybe u need to tell others then use it.otherwise it would be “illegal” lol

In the ship from Treasure Bay to Ratchet City,Goz uesd mind control making me jump into the sea.I’m drowned and cannot find my body back.

As troll as that is, it’s not a violation of the ToS. Use a spirit healer to get a res and get yourself a PvP trinket.

then? So?welcome to a pvp world.

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If you think MC into the ocean is bad, some priests were seemingly serious when they complained about BG portals getting removed so you can’t force players to exit BG by Mind Controlling their character through portal.

What makes this different from making people jump off a boat or cliff is that those actions are something that could be reasonably achieved by a simple knock back spell if Vanillla had those. Meanwhile forcing a BG exit with Mind Control (or any other combination of individually legal actions) is equivalent to performing a man-in-the-middle hacking to make server think that the target player typed /afk.