Playing on Mac M1 with Parallels - buggy in game

Been trying to find a way to play 1.12 on Everlook on my M1 mac, wineskin didnt work, playonmac didnt work. Finally tried Parallells and was able to get the game to load and log in…however whenever I click a mouse button in the game it makes my camera jump to the right and down slightly, if i spam click it will keep jumping the camera. I have the windows 1.12 wow client from wowdl

Ive tried to trouble shoot this with all the /rawmousenable 1 console commands and scripts and nothing does anything, messed with many other settings. I thought it might be a resolution problem but i tried almost every size resolution and nothing fixed it. I have tried 3 different mice and its all the same. Every mouse works perfectly fine in the windows virtual client, i only have this issue in game.

Has anyone gotten it to work properly with parallels and mac m1???

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