Playing with the 1.14 Client on Everlook (Video Tutorial)! (This is not supported officially!)

Like the title says, it’s an Installation Guide/Tutorial BUT it’s not supported officially by the Everlook team!
So bear that in mind. Nonetheless i hope it helps the people that have too many issues with the normal 1.12.1 client. Have a good one and take care!


What are the advantages of the 1.14 client?
Edit: Oh I see, weakauras!

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Did the exact same as you did but I get this error code saying wrong game version or damaged file.
Any advice?

You are using the wrong game client.
You need to use a client.

Exactly that, or even just other Addons like TSM and so on.
It’s a modern client, more stable.
Easier to change graphics settings and get much smoother graphics/gameplay experience.
All the Classic WoW macros should work and more :smiley:

Wonder why they went with the 1.12 client then, this one seems superior in every way.

Because they actually want to have a working Anti-Cheat and not wanting to get into legal trouble with Blizzard.
That’s what i think, gathered by stuff talking with Wall and hearing from others. :smiley:

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The main reason is simple, vMaNGOS doesn’t support the 1.14 client natively. This is the reason you have to use the Proxy and mimic the 1.12 client. This also comes with a price… Check your ping. The proxy will add some “calculation delay” before it can send the packages to the server. In general, you can say that this will add like 100ms delay, which you will notice.


Thanks for clarifying!

Oh ok good to know thanks for the answer!

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It is a very nice job thankyou
I have a question when I use 1.14 my
Network Accelerator cannot work! what can I do?

knowing this - i dont even want it anymore even if supported / given a choice!

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Hello. Can anyone explain to me why when I put ElvUI on 1.14 my actionbars stop working and I don’t see them, although they are enabled in the settings.

But how can I select a specific client?
I mean the era version is the era version. That’s the only version that’s available.

Hey peeps just trying this out now, graphics are a lot better, many more options, seems better overall, hopefully the ping isn’t a problem in pvp, will find that out tomorrow

i was hoping we could share some resources for 1.14 addons
personally i need a full ui replace cuz bliz one is wack

ill just post helpful addons that i find in here unless someone wants to make a 1.14 addons thread

make sure you are downloading the most updated version of the addon for the specific client (1.14)

As always be safe when downloading random stuff off the internet and use

as @VincentADK said in his video

Here is a nice quest addon
you will want the 114r.220615 version

same problem mate! you fixed? i try to put weakauras too but didnt work!

How does the MAC system run 1.14