Please ban people with obscenely high ping

PvP is nigh unplayable with some people being 10+ feet away from their image. I can’t hit a rogue opener on laggers when they are running in a straight line, when I Distract them they teleport 10-15 feet away. Sometimes they are lagging so hard that they are even out of the AoE range of the Distract. It’s ridiculous and ruining the game for everyone else.
My displayed latency is 15-20.

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One word: lol.

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While it can be annoying & sometimes an advantage it should not be a cause for a ban.

Makes me think of a memory from 2005.

i dueled a rogue in wetlands, he popped sprint and started to teleport around my character and i was not able to land a single hit, after the duel i asked what OP ability he used, even as a noob i knew what the rogues sprint ability was but i thought it was some overpowered ability i had not seen before lol.

You suitable for local area network (LAN).