Please help me, the account or password is invalid



Hello, I opened more was blocked, I read the announcement said unblocked, I tried the above is the result can not log in. Could you check if I unblocked it? I didn’t say it was blocked when I logged in.

  • I can log in with any of my new accounts

Greetings. Please open a ticket in-game and describe your issue and include the account name of the account you can’t log in to.

你好,我的账户为:alive,邮箱为:[email protected]。因为前段时间我电脑坏了,在同一台电脑上面多开了,接着就被封号处理;我看到你们的公告说对轻微的出多开问题,会解封,所以我尝试了一下,还是不能登录。能够麻烦你帮忙查看一下我的账号解封了吗?谢谢