Please help the administrator to check when the account violated the rules, please

Account yuzanchen333

Game ID Yxkyswq, please help the administrator to check when it violated the rules. What is the best time to thank

I just want to know when I violated the rules, and Blizzard will also send an email to the registered email address telling me when I violated the rules. Although you are a public service but we players also spent time.

you can check your ban reason by logging on

I have checked that the RMT is displayed but when did I violate the rule and I don’t know how to tell you the violation time

WOW game account name: WOW1

Action: World of Warcraft account penalty - Freeze for 14 days

After our review, we found that the character named Cursed and server named Haholan opened or used unauthorized third-party programs during the game (including but not limited to accelerator gear, keysprite script, teleportation software, game model modification software, etc.) in the aforementioned account Cursed and server Cursed at 2021-07-30 14:56:41. This action violates the “Game Management Rules - Client/Server Usage Management Rules”.

In accordance with Blizzard Game End User License Agreement, World of Warcraft Chinese Version Terms of Use, Client/Server Usage and Management Rules, we decide to take the above measures for this Warcraft account.

There’s not one notification email like this that doesn’t even know how to break the rules

Hi man, 我特意注册了帐号来回复你。

你真是个喷子,事情原委都没搞清楚就在哪里喷。国服封号是哈霍兰服务器 排队用跳跳被封的。这个私服我才玩了几天 什么都没干过就被封了。我只是想知道什么时候违规的 申请赔偿而已。还专门注册账号回复 。显的你好牛逼的一样。