Please hlep my friend to unblocked the account,thank you

Dear GM,
My friend can’t post. Here’s what he said:“ I would like to apply for canceling my account. My mage name is Prefecg and anther name is zszer. They are all my own accounts with the ID of tm5514818 and rhl5514818 respectively. Please check the IP, I do not buy or sell gold coins, nor am I a studio, I am a real game player, just to my own small start-up capital, please unlock my account, and will not do such things. ”
Please help him ,and thank you again.@bluedolphin

I already seen similar issue before. I will redirect this post to online GM for review.

OK ,thank you very much,please tell me if the things getting good

Hi 您好 线上GM检查过你的交易记录 很遗憾 目前无法给您解封 请登录官网进行申诉尝试 谢谢。

Hello, I’m sorry that I checked with him just now, he remembered the wrong account number, he used one number to trade to another account of his, although the amount of gold coins traded is a little too much, but he just wants to buy materials and earn more gold coins, his two accounts are tm5514818 and ruan5514818, please kindly check. Let’s get him defrosted, please.