Please nerf lupos or reduce its respawn- petition from a hunter player

I believe 4hour lupos is far too long for everlook. This means only 450 lupos’ handed out to hunters after 3 months. There’s no way thats fun for any of those non-gold farming players, especially for the horde players. It’s going to be the worst part of everlook, where criticising it gets you snubbed off because you’re not a top 20 speed runner.

My first preference is if you could remove lupos’ shadow damage so that we can play like many other servers, without an overpowered wolf pet. Wolves are for doing an aoe damage buff, not for shadow damage. There’s many other pets too like tigers, bears, tortoise, etc, but lupos is too strong and waiting 10-13 months for 1.9 is a very petty band-aid.

2nd preference is if you could reduce the lupos respawn to below an hour so that people have a realistic shot at it. Northdale had the respawn set to 10 minutes. I think everlook is going to be greatly ruined for hunters if current plans of 4 hours stick. I think there’ll be many other hunters who would prefer both options of a greatly lowered respawn time for lupos and aswell its alternative of removing lupos’ shadow damage all together. This server should ask the players about lupos, my opinion is to change the current plans as soon possible.


I understand where you’re coming from but… As someone who has mained a Hunter many times in Vanilla, I don’t see the problem. Lupos in his original state like this is a great catch and a great flavor-adding mechanic for a game like WoW. The fact that it’s so rare makes it all the less of a problem. It will reward hardcore Hunters, nothing wrong with that. Besides, I’m fairly certain the devs have already stated a few times that there will be no more last-minute changes. So for me personally, I probably won’t be rolling a Hunter this time around but I salute anyone who is and who will be so lucky to get this awesome pet.

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I like the fact that he is rare and there will be competition for him, if everyone got one it would ruin the allure. I personally won’t be camping him but I will keep an eye out for sure!


The problem with the “original” state of Lupos is that he is (especially in the early states of the game) completely overpowered. I am not specifically talking about PVP. Lupos will out dps a bunch of classes in raids. So there was the option to keep the “Lupos myth” up by making him very rare or remove the myth completely by removing his shadow damage.


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Lupos is OP because his autoattacks deal Shadow damage instead of Physical like every other pet in the game. Outside of Lupos attacking a mob with Shadow/Spell immunity or Warlock with Shadow Ward, Shadow damage is practically always superior to Physical because it bypasses all armor.

Also since nobody has mentioned it, Everlook has the following custom changes to Lupos:
-Randomized spawn to unspecified number of locations across Duskwood.
-4 hour respawn timer after being tamed.
-INSTANT respawn into another spot if killed.
-all loot removed due to above.

I wouldn’t mind Hunters loosing this toy, imho they’re powerful enough without it. However, some of them having it and most not having it is simply the worst way to address this.

There’s a gank squad of 3 identical named alliance all with luposes who like to 3v1 non stop together as if they live in the same house for their goal of min maxing their way through 1000 hour rank 14 grind probably. It’s super dumb by everlook to not even ask the players about how best to do lupos. Dead server.