Please pay attention to GM. I want to report people with poor moral character

On March 18th, at about 18:11 server time, we formed a team of 10 to play at the Psychic Academy. For the first time, we played the boss and brushed out the “funeral shawl” for the French cloth armor graduation equipment. The shaman priest Yooxx requested the preparation, but no ROLL obtained it. Our team members warned him that the lock armor profession does not require cloth armor equipment, and there are better lock armor equipment waiting for you. Moreover, the team has a demand for this cloth armor play. The second time I hit this BOSS, I produced a “funeral shawl”. He kept advising and demanding, and when ROLL arrived, the other two cloth armor classes in the team (a mage, a warlock) and I (a mage) expressed opposition and indignation, and told the shaman priest Yoox, “We have needs, you shouldn’t take this shoulder.” Shaman priest Yoox was completely indifferent. Shaman Priest Yoox x has a very poor moral character. He is equipped with the Lock Armor class and Cloth Armor looting equipment. Please ask GM to remove this person from the World of Warcraft game and return the game to a Pure Land. Attach evidence pictures:
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you need to uploading your image again. And what you mean for shaman priest?

if you know chinese you can write down chinese here. I can read.

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您的图片还是发送失败了 :sweat_smile: