Please review my account ban

My account has been banned yesterday because I sent out 10 gold to some characters which I employed to help run an UBRS at about 1pm server time March 13th 2023. As you know, It’s very hard to find tank, healers and key service to do UBRS. So I asked 3 players (tank =ID: blackfish, and healer =ID: justfree, key service =ID: chenge) to help in that run, which in return I give 10 gold to them by my other character(yaryna) because I didn’t have enough gold on my current character = ID: oran. And then my account has been banned. I played on this server carefully and never attend any RMT. Please help to review this case.

My account: yzh20110701 (both ID: oran, yaryna in the same account)

I also attached a screenshot of the raid group in this case.

If you require any other information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you all for reading this post.

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