Problem with harassment from a player : Cecogolemeco

Hey everyone.
I created this topic since my tickets were ignored by the GMs so I want to present this to the community so that some attention can be brought to this.
I’m having some issues with another player. Cecogolemeco. He is on my ignore list since long time ago. Despite that he got his fellow guildies and friends to contact me and spam some messages intentionally. He also contacted me on Discord to harass further. This is already a violation of Everlook terms. Contacting a player who is ignoring you is considered a violation.

I have been trying to get GMs attention but was pretty much ignored so I am posting this here. I also have plenty of screenshots to provide.
Discord screenshot 1
Screenshot 1

This is also to maybe get the GMs attention so that they isolate toxic players from the community and I have plenty of great experiences with the Everlook community.
So please if you come accross Cecogolemeco or any of his friends from the list you can safely assume he is a toxic individual and put him on your ignore list. Basically avoid him and playing with him or his guildmates.

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

youre clearly antagonizing it, try the ignore button. simple win.


… You are serious?

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Your responses are intending to “trap” him, to get him banned. In screenshot 2, at the end, you say “Nothing interesting to say?” This is clearly you trying to bait someone you don’t like into saying more incriminating things. Don’t respond at all, if you actually are being harassed.