PvP Warlock Discord

Greetings fellow warlocks. I’ve made a discord where i post a ton of information about advanced warlock pvp.

You will be able to find:
Detailed 1v1 Matchups.
Talent Builds.
Tips and Tricks.

The School of Dark Arts:
SOULBOUND | School of Dark Arts

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Just finished watching one of your videos!

Cool to have you here!

Will you be rolling horde or alliance?

I am not sure yet. I would like to play on Horde. Im trying to figure out what faction will have less players, so i can go with them :slight_smile:


Love your disc dude, i can find litterly all needed informations without digging around. Ptr are was pretty much 50/50 wall said in the Q&A. If you want more targets go alliance bro. Horde has always more pvp zugzugs

@Fero The server will likely slowly trend towards Alliance majority. Based on the name reservations, we’re currently sitting at 52:48 ratio A/H which is pretty good.

If you’re gambling on what faction will be minority, my money is on Horde.


Stress test was 52:48 with alliance in the majority.

Come horde, I would rather fight beside you than against you :smiley:

HELLo, mazafakers

I’m with the Horde this time!