Remember The Titans?

do you, now?

I hope this server will bring back old school players like Vurtne and grim from the golden ages centurys ago. And many many more experienced players aswell ofcourse. If you know anything about vurtne please share your memories since i’m a huge fan.

Best regards and ill see you on the 11th when the moon shines as brightest.

Yes, indeed. Both of them – was on the same server as Grim back in the day, remember him well. I was Alliance and he used to gank me in EP. It was Al’Akir, home of Zalgradis the famous paladin as well.

Grim, I think, did arenas and became a rank 1 gladiator in TBC, after which he went casual. Zalgradis also played many of the later expansions (maybe still does), but as a casual.

I think Vurtne stopped playing around WotLK in 2008. He never archieved the same fame after Vanilla, though.

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no he did not. And thank you for sharing your memories. I remember the talks in the school hallways about vurtne and other great players back on 2004-2005.

I didnt find out about Grimm untill after the vurtne hype. i found him on warcraftmovies. Alot of fun videos there, to bad it lost it’s purpose during the years…