Report a business that uses games to gain benefits


I want to report a hunter who killed the unlucky boos and sold his equipment to another person (after the equipment fell, he invited another person to enter the replica, and waited for a long time for customers to enter the replica from far away) - I have a screenshot of this event just over an hour ago. Salesman ID: Ikuniu, customer ID: Timbb, assistance partner ID: Ikunio


hmm i guess thats alright if the items were traded for ingame currency isnt it?

He exchanged the tribute: ancient tree of weapons for game gold coins+100 real currency RMB (15 US dollars)

Trading items for ingame gold isn’t against the rules. What item was it?

It`s a Treant’s Bane.
I think the streamer sold it with a few gold + 100RMB.