Report for potential GDKP raid spam

seeing ppl have argument about this
just wanna know if GKP is allowed?l

no It is forbidden. Please don’t try any kind of GDKP.

ok thanks here we go again:

in chinese(typed by me): 新开扫码团,周末活动,每团45人,替补半工资,TN高额补贴,一团一工会, 专业会计,安全无忧,团队配备私人飞机,畅游艾泽拉斯,福利到位,各项制度稳定,已稳定测试3周,详情私聊。

translated by machine: New code scanning group(in china ppl paying or join some group by scanning QR code), weekend activities, 45 people per group, substitute for half wage(the wage not sure if its Gold or real money maybe both), TN high subsidies(TN means tanks and healers), one group one trade union, professional accounting, safe and secure, team equipped with private aircraft, travel to Azeroth, great benefits(福利到位 translated by me cuz 福利到位 is a slang), various systems stable, has been tested for 3 weeks, more details PM.

u may not trust me, so plz use other translators to check its true or just a lie.

Ok I will redirect this to GM

right now he is still online
Ive tried my best to proof something is there anything else i can do?