Report one RMT guild - <Alliance eight eight>

Guild name : Alliance eight eight
Behavior :

  1. Info of this guild
    as translation in the picture : Leisure guild, free 1.14 client, manual gold, safe and efficient 1-60 fast level upgrade, wechat : wowjinbi666 ( “jinbi” = 金币, means gold in Chinese, so his wechat account implies that this is a gold seller )

  1. this guild always invite players who has no guild to develop them as potential customers.
    if u have a character low level, like 2, as soon as you u logon, this guild will inv you, i highly doubt he used a bot to do this.

My Opinion:
This guild is extremely similar to the guild “For the alliance” that was disbanded by GM a few days ago. I highly suspect that the same persion created both two guilds.
These behavior has a very bad impact on the server’s fight against RMT.
One low level player may not even know that RMT is strictly prohibited on the server yet, and he is just starting his gaming journey when he is somehow invited into an RMT guild, which may seriously distort his future gaming experience.
I suggest that the GM verify the situation I reported as soon as possible and take measures to prevent such guilds from reappearing.

GM, Thank you for all your efforts!


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