Report the malicious PVP of the user Ohdevil

Report the malicious PVP of the user Ohdevil,The user with the ID of Ohdevil is a Level 5 tribal orc stalker, who came to the territory of the Alliance in an unknown way, the Northern County Monastery of Irwin Forest. The Level 5 orc stalker has full body enchanting equipment, and players of the same level cannot defeat him. He started malicious PVP behavior in the Northern County Monastery, causing the players of the Alliance to be unable to play normally. He hopes to punish the player, Let other players play the game normally.
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Is he able to attack players not marked for pvp? If no, then there is really thing wrong going on.

I guess he can attack players who have not opened the PVP tag, because many players including me have been killed by him, and the next day a level 5 orc stalker came to the Northern County Monastery. The same full body enchantment equipment, but with different IDs, I guess it should be the same person. I hope to ban his IP and prohibit him from joining the game.

If that’s the case open an in-game ticket. The GM’s will put him on a watchlist and investigate when he’s online.

How did he do it, to kill those low-level players :joy:

I don’t know, but he can kill other players

It’s so weird

I hope gm just ingnored this crying