Reporting Studio Practice!!

Sorry, my English proficiency is limited. If there is an error in the translation of the article, it is not my original intention. Please understand. Thank you
I am a loyal gamer who is currently striving to compete for the rank of PVP Marshal. I have been working hard, working hard, and online for about 12+hours every day. But I have found that in the fierce competition for rankings, some people can achieve 20 hours of PVP per day to obtain honor points, or even higher online duration. This keeps me highly concerned about them, and I have to suspect that there is a background of studio acting behind it. To be honest, we are human beings, after all, we cannot do without sleep. Please ask GM to verify and give fairness to loyal players!

Suspected ID: Gonuts, Worrier

They have been suspected of creating empty spaces on the battlefield, which clearly has the characteristics of being a studio training agent!

Add a question, why can they lift the ban in a short period of time after multiple blockades! Among some people I know, there are even rumors that they are sponsors? Why are there such funny rumors?

Thanks for your report. We were able to sanction the players who went against the rules.