Request the administrator to unfreeze my account

My account numbers ly152571 and ly1525071 were frozen due to trading gold coins. These two accounts are mine. The IP address is the same. I asked the administrator to unfreeze my account. thank you very much.

Hi GM reply back that he will take time recently to review your 2 accounts. If it is banned for trading between themselves he will unban it.

Hi GM reviewed your transaction record. They feel you possibly lying or missing some key information. We won’t unban your account. You can send an unban appeal from Thank you.

Hello, administrator, I remember that a long time ago, I sold a 100G purple item ring to a mage. The first item I trade. He then gave me G. The item transaction record can be found. I think it is normal to buy and sell goods. Thanks for your help. I like everlook very much. I don’t want to lose my account. Thank you.My appeal for unsealing has been submitted for 4 days. GM has not replied to me thanks you

The mage’s name is jokertime. The item I traded first. Gold coins he gave me later