Request to unseal the account

I am a 42-year-old player from China. I just came here. I don’t know that friends can’t trade materials, which led to the account being banned. I deeply regret that I participated in the battle for the tribute of bad luck and the equipment I obtained. There is no RMT for both behaviors. I hope that the respected GM will give me a chance to lift the ban. It’s important for me to regain my account, you know? I have a daughter named Sisi, who is 4 years old this year. She likes World of Warcraft very much. I often tell her the story of love and family and Pamela. This account is a happy time for my daughter and me
In the days when the account was banned, my daughter cried to see Pamela every day. I am very sad. Can you feel the heart of a father? Of course, I am deeply sorry for my violation of the rules, but I did not know about some rules and did not do it intentionally. Please ask GM to check and remove the account prohibition status. My account ID 54788619 guarantees to abide by the rules of the game in the future, support the work of the GM team, and maintain the balance of the game. If the prohibition is removed, my daughter will be happy to see Pamela again,
Ask GM again to give me a chance to lift the ban and let me regain my account. Thank you!

加油吧 朋友 !你要不是猎人或者法师账号 还有点希望~希望你早日解封

“I am not a mage or hunter, I am a warlock. I just came here and didn’t know the rules here, and I didn’t know that friends can’t trade materials. My account has been closed. I feel really sad these days, but I really don’t have RMT. I hope GM can follow me and unlock my account. I will cherish my account number and abide by the rules. I really don’t want to lose World of Warcraft in my life.”

majority of what u say is blablablablabla
prove u don`t give ur “firend” money for trading materials
or create a new character :slight_smile: