<Return> Recruiting new ghosts!

Return Everlook

Return is reforming on Everlook this coming week, and we look forward to playing with the community on the Alliance faction. Return is a long-established guild with many prior achievements, most recently including Classic World 10th/Server 1st Ragnaros and World 6th/Server 1st Onyxia, and SoM World 5th/Server 2nd (Horde 1st) Nefarian.

We aim to be a high performing, professional raiding guild that achieves fast and smooth clears of raid content. Return

The Plan

Every good project has a good plan, and we have always aimed to realise that. The guild already exists on Everlook, but we plan to make our re-launch on Everlook into a community event. Our members will be mass rolling onto the server on Friday 16th December and leveling together, using the Christmas and New Year break to make the best start as a group towards 60. During this time we will also be recruiting players, at all levels, into the guild, with the aim of sifting players into raiders and socials in the new year depending on their availability, activity, and desire to be part of a high-performing raid group. Therefore, the guild will open to invites on Friday 16th December at the hour 19:00, and everyone joining the guild as a level 1 character will have the opportunity to join the leveling competition we will be running. In the near future, we will stand up a Molten Core raid team as soon as we have sufficient manpower to do so.

The Competition

To help incentivize and build hype and make an event of it, the first person to reach level 60 will be awarded a very special prize (which is yet to be revealed but will be prior to start). Should the number of confirmed competitors exceed 10 players, in the increment of 10; meaning 10, 20, 30 – the prize pool will grow. Meaning that the 2nd fastest to 60 also will receive a price, and the 3rd fastest at 30 confirmed racers. To enter, simply submit a screenshot into the competition channel showing your level 1 character, with no zone, and the Everlook server name. This means you have made, but not logged into, the character. The channel will open on the day of launch and we expect fair sportsmanship. Those suspected of having cheated (eg using an old screenshot and leveling in advance) will be disqualified.


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Please watch this video to get an idea of what playing with us is like!

Interview with the guild master!

you guys still recruiting?