<Saddle Up> PUGs is setting up shop on the Everlook server

This is not a guild. The aim is to set up an informal association of like-minded individuals based on self-motivation and the principles of Focus, Respect, Efficiency, and Fairness.

Efficient and professionally run PUGs with a Soft res>MS+1>OS loot system.
Raid times tentatively: 17:00-21:00 CET

Our motto is:

You don’t need a guild to raid well
As long as you’re willing to excel!

Further details in the discord below.

The invite has expired :slight_smile:

Sorry man, not going to be playing on the server anymore and I can’t delete this message without a mod apparently.

Too many non-LH like changes and this whole uncapped rest XP thing being introduced a week before launch has me questioning the overall direction the server is headed in.

Don’t really have the motivation to play here much less the energy to run a pug group under it :melting_face: