<Saeculum obsurum xvi> "Dark age" @Everlook private server! Social, leveling, pvp horde guild looking forward get into raiding action!

Hey, looking people to join newly formed guild! Everyone welcome! Only if youre horde! Everything being worked for, if just people interested we raid someday! PM, Respond, Fill appliction https://soxvg.shivtr.com/ <— or join discord → Saeculum obsurum xvi

Bring your friends, and have fun together. Lets spill the blood for the game, have good memories together!

As Guildmaster, i have raided whole content for year every week, but i have been always high of weed, my english not so bad, but i bet nobody want listen my stubid voice… if im sober, drunk i dont care what you think…

Join if you ever feel lonely, need friend, wanna progress on your level, together we can be something, world of warcraft never been stand alone game, dont abandon yourself!

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My bad, had wrong link to discord, didn’t even notice… Updated now!