Safespotting in Bg's

so, safespotting in AB on BS roof is bannable for 1-59 but not for 60, i mean how come?!? … gm said “BS roof is easily accessible, u just have to know the jumps” … like what makes it easy for lvls 60 and not for lvl 59 i dont get it…
now an ally mage is safespotting on the farm roof, again ToU rules states stable roof is bannable, but says nothing about farm roof, liek wtf?!?

can we be more openly biased than this GMs? stop giving us BS on how easily accessible is… just state in the ToU, horde gets ban, ally can do it anywhere so we all have it clear and not bothering anymore with posting in here

The only person on staff that wanted to prevent this left the project.

this wont change, enjoy the chinese server