Server is perfectly fine!


The screenshot was taken just now. +6.7K players online. The population is stable so far.

Nothing changed. The server is doing absolutely well.


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I just logged in after a 4 weeks. All the familiar names and guilds i leveled with in that first month, all the people making /world entertaining, are all gone.
The ‘core’ group of players that made this game fun is gone. The server is 90% chinese, and thats easily proven by compared /world to its chinese equivalent.
Numbers arent everything.

I can advice ANYONE and EVERYONE to go to a starting zone and see how many organic players there are, and how many bots.

In the end, Wall was right.

Week or so ago, I was able to complete that quest for “Skull of Impending Doom” in a reasonable amount of time by simply going to the target area of one of the special mobs I was missing, and waiting for people to come by who were willing to group up. While this is a very narrow “experiment” it does heavily imply a population that is healthy for practical play.

Granted, I think the mage who helped me to kill the Witch Doctor in STV was Chinese. However the party that let me join for the Sea Giant was Swedish.

(Also in both cases I was able to grind the mobs around the elite so the time spent waiting wasn’t completely wasted.)

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1st. i dont think they left because our Chinese ppl. coz we are different time zone, when u guys playing, most chinese player already on bed.
2cd, i know those are someone want break the terms. but it is happened in everywhere. right.
most of us just want play a game. simply.

next time if "invite not work, try zu wo.


Saturday 28 January 2023, 1:55 PM GMT