Start Attack and #showtooltip do not work?

I am trying to make a macro
/cast Earth Shock

#showtooltip just types #showtooltip in /s
/startattack does not work and prompts me to type “/help” in the chatbox.
/start attack does not work either.

It does, however, cast Earth Shock.

Anyone having success with these commands?

GitHub - DennisWG/Roid-Macros: Vanilla macros on steroids! solves the problem.

you dont need the showtooltip, if there is /cast earth shock in your macro, it will automatically show the cooldown in the action bar, not the skill description tho and there is no way to show tool tip in vanilla, to startattack you have to put /cast attack instead

Is there any way we can see the videos from the github page? They are marked as ‘private’ and I cannot see them.

Haven’t been able to find the videos, but there’s a Wiki with commands, examples and explanations here: Roid-Macros (

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