Stress test and name reservation today

Good morning, do we know how long will last the stress test today at 20:00? Name reservation will be available just after it? Thanks guys - I feel the hypeeee :wink:

What’s the target for today? 4000? 7000? 10000???

Lets crash the servers!!!


Get ready for the STRESS TEST!!

I am stressed that they chose the middle of a 9-5 workday for name rez.

I’ve been trying to log in but it keeps saying unable to validate game version… I play on elysium all the time. do they have a different version? 1.12.1 is what i have installed currently. please help

yes, you need to change the client :slight_smile:

set realmlist

Hello, the stress test has ended right ? I can’t log in, is it intended ? I can create a character but logging it in just come back to character creation every time.

Yes, it’s intended, it’s only for name reservation purpose, server will be available in 2 days

Perfect, thank you.

Cannot connect to reserve my name. Account name Bolin
either stuck on Authenticating or immediately disconnected

I can log on same PC some friends account but not mine

same, immediately disconnected