Stuck at connecting

everyone has this problem at the moment?

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there is no server status on the website to know if the server is online or offline this is so bad.


I have the same problem. Server seems to be offline


why no communication from admins on the forum??
Why no news section on the homepage??

And why isn’t there a server status on the website YET???

In-game server quality is great but overall management is terrible!!

organize yourselves!

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I’m having the same issue, seems like the server is offline for some reason. :frowning:

Works again for me. Guild mate said server was online all the time. don’t know what the problem was

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Yeah, imagine volunteer ran project not having 24/7 coverage. Fucking noobs am I right?

Get a grip on reality, or better yet, start your own project and show 'em how it’s done, Mr. Professional here.

This is something all or most other volunteer projects have

Maybe if they have shops and pay to win setup. Regardless, your expectation that volunteers that have jobs, families and hobbies will pamper your baby ass 24/7 is sad. Go play on those other projects you speak of.

Nostalrius the volunteer project had all the things I mentioned. Was it pay to win?
LightsHope also had an online player count.

Oh noes, other volunteer projects were able to do more. Let’s hold all volunteers to the same standard now.

Get it thought your thick skull dumbass.

  1. You’re not paying for a dime to play.
  2. Everlook staff doesn’t owe you anything.
  3. Stop complaining things should be better.
  4. Enjoy what the project is, or get the fuck out and go play Season of Mastery (You won’t cuz you’re a cheap fuck).

Yes, Nostalrius raised the bar and Everlook has to meet those high standards.

  1. True and proud of it
  2. It does I am entitled to receive the highest quality services as one of its players and promoters
  3. No I won’t and I will keep on demanding
  4. Enjoying and won’t touch SoM because it is rubbish

Now, the things I demanded are still not there. What is taking them so long?