SUC - still not banned?

this guy is now a lvl 51 human mage, named suc, he has been disrupting the game for hundreds of people, today alone i sat there for over 3 hours with over 40 people passing and going trying to complete the Wanted! quest and he was still there after our group left… hes been there before us and stayed there after we left, thats a min of 4 hours in a single morning spent ruining the game for dozens and dozens of people, HOW COME HE IS STILL NOT BANNED?

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bc its pvp server

hes an alliance human mage trolling abusing ruining the game for alliance players…pvp has nothing to do with it

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which wanted quest?

I remember a good song.

TBH. if someone is camping a quest, just move on and grind some npcs - grinding is always the best method to level anyway so dont bother so long on any quest.

The quest’s name is Wanted: Gath’Ilzogg, I also can provided that Suc, a 51lv human female mage, always stay in Redridge Mountains ruin other ppl’s game experience by robbing the mob the quest required, he has a bad reputation in Chinese channel, and he is a Chinese player, what a shame our Chinese players has player like him.

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welcome to wow