SUCCCCCCCCCCCCCC GM will ban whoever it wants

I didn’t violate any rules of the game

Wlecome GM Caesar

I’ve been banned


您好,請直接在網站上打開封禁申訴。只需登錄 並導航至。在那裡您可以提交封禁申訴,GM 團隊將對其進行檢查。如果需要你也可以用中文寫下來,我們有會說的人。

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Geez I’d been seeing posts about you for a while :smiley:

yeah that guy was literally standing there tagging Gath in redridge so groups could not do the quest. he tagged it twice when i was trying to do the quest. he has a 10 min respawn too so it was super annoying.

maybe he was trying to sell the tag or something lol who knows.

Gms will never have to have a reason to ban you for griefing in any game,pirate or legal, they will just hammer you down.
Even noble players like Swifty got banned in this game.
Remember the priest in wow classic who got banned for dispelling world buffs?
People has their own definition of griefing… so be careful.

so you are suc ??
so glad to hear that you are banned :smiley: