Suggestion: Increase Instance Quest XP to encourage dungeon groups

So there have been some complaints about lower overall instance XP on this server compared to Classic by a good number of people that really like leveling in a group environment that requires coordination and teamwork. These are legitimate complaints and I can definitely sympathize.

I also understand that there is a desire by the Everlook leadership team to clamp down on some of the more degenerate boosting and dungeon cleave leveling groups that existed on classic and were likely detrimental to their vision of promoting player interaction on this server.

As a compromise, could we increase the XP rewards on Dungeon Instance Quests to encourage people to run dungeons while leveling as they were meant to be?

Generally speaking on private servers like Northdale, running dungeons has always been slower xp than traditional outdoor grinding/questing accounting the time invested to gather a group and run to an instance. This has always disincentivized people from doing one of the most socially interactive activities in the game.

Increasing Dungeon Instance Quest XP would increase the pool of people willing to do dungeons on their rush to 60, promote greater social interaction on the server, and encourage people to explore more out of the way instances for their factions like RFK/RFD for Alliance and Gnomeregan for Horde.

Doubling or even tripling Dungeon Instance Quest XP rates would go a long way towards encouraging people to do dungeons at least once for legitimate leveling dungeon groups while still keeping a clamp down on boosting and cleave leveling groups.

What do you guys think? :thinking:


I think this is a wicked idea, I think it’s one of those changes (Along with balance ones) that I think totally SHOULD happen. But in the end I think Everlook is really pushing for that #nochanges kind of thing so I think it’s unlikely.

But I agree… would be a lot of fun to get a big level burst when you do all those tricky dungeon quests that take forever sometimes to collect them all.


I’m with this 100%. As someone who likes to play Healing/Tanking classes, it would be a real shame in my eyes if Dungeon runs were not popular because the EXP is so small compared to a good questing/grinding route. Don’t get me wrong, I personally am a big fan of grinding and open world interactions/PvP, but Dungeons and BG’s are where WoW really shines it’s MMORPG colors.


ehdie, you bring up some great points and while i enjoyed the quest xp boost and leveling boosts in SoM and Classic…I think Everlook should stay put with the original xp in my opinion.
Wont deter me either way what they decide although im fairly certain this will not be up for debate



Just do the dungeon for the fun and gear. Dont care about who wants to rush to 60. Thats not the main point of the game.


Hmm, interesting one. I like the idea in principle but, firstly, 90% of the crowd is nochanges/small tuning and bans… I doubt this would pass, but I support it.

I love running instances a few times whilst levelling mainly for the social, teamwork and fun, would be cool for the quests to mean something rather than mindlessly cleaving the shit out of everything (which people are definitely still going to do).


I think that everything should be 1x and as vanilla as possible…
If you become bored by leveling, just do as I do - get on voicechat with some friends… or get 20 beers from the store and open online poker on your 2nd monitor while you are leveling…


The thing is, the game, at its core, is all about being social, grouping and strategising. But we took it too far on the strat side and most people only care about rushing/getting bis instantly/only being a Gnome for Mage for example for the racial etc etc…

If people get bored it is more than likely, in my view, that most of the time the person hasn’t got a social group in the game/someone to help out etc. It would be awesome if we managed to redial our minds to what the game is supposed to be (and obviously utilise the knowledge, lists, streamlined strats etc - but not go too far) - it is so rewarding to take a minute to help someone with a tricky quest for absolutely no gain yourself.

Long story short, I never get bored if I have a fun group to play with.


Honestly the social and group aspects of being Alliance always had me jealous as a Hordie. You can say what you want, but everyone knows Alliance are generally more social creatures and the feeling of community is in my experience far higher and better on that faction… although as a consequence there are by definition also more toxic and childish people there… and they usually play Gnome lol!

This fact alone made it very difficult for me to choose Horde again like I did on Classic because my initial plan was going Holy Paladin. But my IRL friend was adamant on rolling Horde.


I played Horde throughout Classic and had a blast, but think I was kind of lucky with who I met. There are definitely the typical stereotypes on both sides but imo it just depends what circles you get into.

Shame you won’t be Ally side though. Looking forward to sniping you into oblivion from the bushes :smiley:


Hahah yeah of course it depends on the people you meet, but generally I’ve found Alliance much friendlier. I mean, the characters you get to choose from look much friendlier as well so that probably helps.

And you’d BETTER be rolling a Hunter, otherwise you will not stand a snowballs chance in Hell, Nizzy :wink:


100% Hunter :gun:

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They say when you look like a monster you tend to act like one. Allianz rulez! :grin:

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Hard disagree this isn’t SoM this is vanilla it’s not a race it’s a journey don’t ask for changes


i am here just because of pure vanilla experience. Please do not change anything. Let the leveling will be challenge.


This! :100:
pls do not ask for such crucial changes in the xp system.


Agreed maybe ONLY the first week of the release doesn’t have to be a massive bonus but you stated some great points.

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So they did this in Season of Mastery and it really helped with level gaps throughout the journey. Lets be real a little help to get to 60 wouldn’t hurt.

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everyone can get to 60 even without any dungeon run
No need for changes this is vanilla not SoM


How well did SoM do long term? And before you say something like “well it was other bad changes” it’s all subjective and it’s not so simple to determine why people quit. Most people quit because they don’t feel invested but they don’t really know why the average player doesn’t really think about well why exactly do I feel disinterested so they tend to just blame it on what ever the last annoyance they encountered was even if realistically it would have had nothing to do with they they quit. Making the leveling journey shorter would directly reduce the investment people put into their characters and by extension make them feel less attached less “invested”.