⚠️ Suggestion⚠️ : to recreate the blood of hakkar pandemic when patch 1.7 lands [Petition]

As an opening event for the patch. But through a different mechanism than how it originally happened (the pet). Maybe have a random NPC be the index case and it spreads from there. Keep it for some time (maybe a week) and then remove it. There could be a turn off switch or something for the event.

I would like to experience it since we are playing vanilla here.

A video of the original blood of hakkar pandemic in 2005

Would you like this incident to be recreated on Everlook Vanilla? join the poll!

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Absolutely great idea if you ask me. Really adds to the flavor and liveliness of the world and the nostalgia.

Of course this is highly subjective, but I challenge anyone to come up with a good reason why not to do this besides “but my world buffz”

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agree but nerf the damage or maybe make it scalable so that lowbies dont get xploded. Imo it should be something that SLOWLY degens you, you also should not be able to get it say more than once per hour or something.

The arrival of this patch is of no use to the game.


patch it in then patch it out in a set amount of time? didnt they have to patch it out on og? otherwise i don’t think it would be possible to get rid of it lol

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need more voters!


I think it would be cool if it was done for a short period once the server has been live for a while for some extra spice.

Sounds perfectly fine to recreate it for a short time, its a shame when servers let opportunities like this go.


It would make Everlook very unique if it can replicate one-time events that happened for a short time in original vanilla, even the ones by accident, such as Talisman of Binding Shard dropping once from MC. That would be nice as well!

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Eh, I think it’s one of those things thats fun to read/watch videos about and it’s definitely a cool part of WoW history, but in game it will get old after you die to it the second time and it’ll just be annoying. If alot of people want this experience regardless then sure, but a week seems waaay too long. Do it for a day max, get some cool videos and screenshots and end it.

If it happens for 1 day only many players will miss it. 7 days/1 week is the best, at least also the people who only have the chance to login in on the weekend get to experience it, too.


The experience will be entirely different because people have knowledge about this. Rather than a special, quirky, unique thing itll just be another grievance heavily abused by players. I feel like in trying to have this on Everlook people are aiming to recreate the chaos from 2005, but will get something else entirely.
Instead of

LMAO what is this shit

They will get

FFS just fuck off already

I didnt the game in 2005 so i want to experience it at least once

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You might have a fair point here - and in principle I agree… it naturally will not be the same, but I don’t think it has ever been attempted before, it would be interesting if nothing else.

Can’t see the harm with them doing it for lols at a random time during the day on a general non-raid day etc rather than at a peak which might piss people off.

Well, good news. Wall confirmed that they will in fact have the pandemic :slight_smile:

48:45 mark


Oh sheeet. Good catch - thanks!

Woooooooooooooooooooooooo :smiley:
Will be fun, can’t wait for 1.7
Thanks, Everlook!!!

Now since Wall left the project, will the pandemic still be implemented in 1.7?