Supporting Everlook

So far it has been a very enjoyable experience and I would like to have some way to support the project.

Is there a way to donate? When I’m saying donate of course I mean to just donate, not get anything silly in return


No, there is no way to donate currently.


The best thing you can do is, telling people that you like it and why you like it.
You could do Videos if you are interested or support those who made some Videos.
Since you told us you like it, you are already doing a good thing for the project.

Enjoy your time here! :heart:


This is a project run by volunteers, and we have zero cashflow. We do not accept donations, and we do not offer any merchandise. Any advertisements stating otherwise are a scam.

If you wish to support the project - tell your friends and bring them here. We have a very special thing going on, with the most populated Vanilla server since Classic. I am working upwards of 16 hours each day in order to make the server absolutely perfect; Every day, dozens bugfixes and optimizations are made. We have had 100% uptime since launch, discounting maintenance restarts.

This is the final fresh; After Everlook ends, I will return to developing Wallcraft (a continuation of Vanilla WoW, built on unfinished alpha & beta WoW design plans). So enjoy it, as the memories made here will be carried for a lifetime.


You could also vote for Everlook:

Hi, thanks for your work on this! You wrote “This is the final fresh; After Everlook ends…”

What do you expect how long will this vanilla be running, I’m a bit afraid of sinking time to level and then after a few months it will close??

Thanks in advance

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This project will run for the entirety of the vanilla progression timeline, over 1.5 years. But after patch 1.12, we don’t plan on progressing to TBC. This project is strictly vanilla.


Ok thanks, thats nice to hear, only vanilla! So I mean, it just stays up to date and won’t be closed after 1.5 years, right? I mean theoretically if everything goes well it could stay a long time on the last patch?

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all that’s promised is the timeline of things being added, like different dungeons. i think the timeline ends in later half of 2024. its safe to assume the status quo is to end the server later half of 2024. i think sometimes they transfer characters to a different server, complete mystery until then. there other servers who don’t close but they miss out on doing fresh starts.

Thats what i like to hear. Static vanilla server forever! Finally can actually enjoy my hard-earned gear and do more wpvp

That’s what I was hoping but I think they will close after 1.5 years??

no, why close? 1.5is the timeline duration but server will remain open for you to enjoy

Sounds good, thx.