Suspected of multi-window games, making vulgar and inappropriate remarks

Suspect list:
Nightoffire (Lv60 Nightelf thief)
Basedonwhat (Lv19 Dwarf warrior)
Mooncheese (Lv30+ Undead priest)

What happened:

  1. In the Redridge, the Lv60 thief helps the Lv19 warrior to rob the mobs of mission, and the undead priest kills the nearby alliance players.
    After a period of observation, it is found that only one of the three roles can be active at the same time. It is suspected of violating the regulations
  2. When my character was killed, I tried to ask him for help, the thief even made rude remarks.

The pink text is translated as follows:
“You lack breeding, and your leader is gay. Your father’s asshole, your mother sucks nigger dick, she likes it. You are a virgin with a small penis.”
*Mosaic treatment of political statements.

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我的建议是 从游戏里send ticket来进行举报 将事情进行详细描述 等待线上GM回复