Targeting macros for mage

For some reason my usual /startattack /cast Fireball isn’t auto targeting and casting :confused: Any idea what the problem could be?

Not sure that startattack macro works for 1.12 as standard.

Do you have Roidmacro installed? This may help.

Macros in 1.12 use a different syntax from classic so many of those won’t carry over to here. You can just search for “wow 1.12 macros” and that should get you most of what you need.

For the function you mentioned you’d need to paste this macro to auto target the nearest mob if you don’t have a target.

/script if UnitHealth(“target”)==0 and UnitExists(“target”) then ClearTarget(); end
/run if GetUnitName(“target”)==nil then TargetNearestEnemy() end

You can also get an addon called super macro that will expand the character limit of your macros and also roidmacros which allows you to use syntax that’s closer to what you see with classic.


Ahhh so I would just add /cast fireball before or after those lines? Thanks in adv sir

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Yep that macro should target the nearest mob and you can tack on whatever you want after that

Tried this and it spat back an error :frowning: bump someone help me before I roll rogue

Checking into this

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You should get SuperMacro and Zorlen addons and check out these references to get started:

SuperMacro description:
“SuperMacro is an absolutely essential addon for anyone interested in using macros effectively. It allows you to make many more macros with effectively no character limit, you can write Lua functions directly, greatly increasing the power of your macros and it adds many useful functions that can make your macros more powerful and easier to read.”

Zorlen description:
“Zorlen is a function library addon for Vanilla World of Warcraft. This means it provides a host of functions that have to be activated in macros. It is tremendously useful, allowing for highly advanced features to be created very easily. I consider this to be one of the most important addons for everybody playing the game.”

Near the bottom of the right navigation pane of the site there are links under the “WoW Macros”, “Vanilla” heading for example macros for several classes:

Zorlen provides functions for other classes as well, but this site does not really go into depth for them. The main Zorlen reference page does list some and you can search the addon files yourself to discover more.

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got everything up until the point it says it doesnt work with classic, do they mean live classic? or 1.12 in general

1.12.1 is Vanilla, not Classic. Classic is 1.13.x and later. Everlook runs on 1.12.1, aka Vanilla. SuperMacro and Zorlen both work for Vanilla.

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Gotcha - zorlen showed up in my addons list but super macro won’t show :frowning:

It’s got -master in the title I tried removing it no change <\3

Inside your SuperMacro folder is there another SuperMacro folder? If so, the internal SuperMacro folder needs to be the one in your Addons folder. So the folder structure should be: …/Interface/Addons/SuperMacro/ inside which you should see Bindings.xml, SuperMacro.xml, etc.

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Gotcha - original copy paste spat back a lua error but supermacro wasn’t in addons correctly I’ll see what happens

my friend u have saved my mage’s targeting issues thank u !!


Anyone able to tell me how to add tanks ? Is it just space “Rank #” after the spell?

That’s a good question. I’m not at home right now but I found this online:

CastSpellByName(“Flash Heal(Rank 2)”); – Cast Flash Heal (Rank 2) on target.
CastSpellByName(“Flash Heal”); – Cast Flash Heal (Highest rank) on target.
CastSpellByName(“Flash Heal”,1); – Cast Flash Heal (Highest rank) on self.

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