Thank you for the great job!

I never played before on a p server, this is completely my first experience, I have always jumped in whenever there was some sort of new fresh server in the official wow (som, vanilla etc). Everytime I experienced a nice start with high population but in the end it always ended up with low population and low amount of contents. This time I am having a great time, it’s fantastic to find people around at any time of the date, lots of wpvp, active bg in lower brackets, and really being able to find any group for quests or dungeons. The only cons is the language barrier in some cases but who cares, it’s much more important to have Azeroth alive and healthy. I just wanted to thank the team that worked on it and made it happens! :blush: Sorry for my English but I really wanted to share with you my feeling! Cheers


Hello, you can try to communicate with players from China in formal English. They can use translation software to understand your meaning and return it to you in English.

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This not my first vanilla server, but i think the same what you