The first date with your future partner

It’s you and your buddy. You’re done arguing about which faction to roll and you’re ready to set foot on Azeroth. Leveling together should prove to be an amazing journey, but the two of you chose different races and start in different zones. When and where do you first meet up? There are class quests/trainers, reputation and perhaps even pre-requisites to consider among possibly many others I have failed to realize.

How do you decide, what’s your plan in this case?


If it aint a tauren female I don’t want it.


Nice topic! I would go purely by the zone asthetics, so probably Loch Modan or barrens. Ashenvale is magical but a little bit too late.
Ofc the starter zones are really cozy aswell!

Usually I just run to their starting zone :smiley:


Simple. Meet up at the zone where you’ll both do your first Dungeon runs. Do the pre-quests together, and go from there. So for Alliance is more than likely around level 18 in Westfall for Deadmines, and yes, Night Elves gotta travel a bit. For Horde it’s obviously around the same level for Wailing Caverns. Around these levels you might venture into contested areas too, so that’s when you really want your partner there, preferably with some Dungeon gear to kick ass.

No interracial partnering! Find a nice Tauren female to settle down with Johnny or you’ll make your mother cry :man_wearing_turban:


If you want a mount from his faction, start there from lvl 1/2. Otherwise check which areas have the best rewards.
Meet with lvl 5/6.
Or you guys go blind to a area you re not so familiar with and no google for the real vanilla vibe lulz.