The head of the Midnight Reaper regiment assigned equipment to the replacement personnel, resulting in being banned

My character name is opope. I am the raid leader of 1st raid group from Midnight Reaper Guild. I am responsible for DKP count, equipment distribution and the Guild material pickup&management. The general rule of our guild is that player who is on standby outside the raid also have the rights to purchase the T1 bracer and belt equipment which dropped from mobs with dkp cost. Since we distribute the bind on equip item after finishing MC and Onyxia, I make the trade in Orgrimmar (members included in the 40-member team and the backup team). I suspect this is the reason why my account was banned for RMT. I have a few pictures of the specific DKP allocation of our raid. I hope the GM can take a look at it. If it is really a mistake, I hope my account can be unbanned. (will do the unban appeal later with this post link) --English Translation from bluedolphin

中文:我是一名Midnight Reaper(午夜收割者)公会的一团团长指挥,兼并DKP装备分配职责及公会物资拾取。我们公会的制度是在外替补的人员也同样享有分配熔火之心副本里掉落的T1护腕和腰带装备。因为我们团是完成熔火之心和奥妮克希亚两个团本后才开始分配T1的护腕和腰带。我是在奥格瑞玛里分发的这些物品(成员包括在40人团队里和替补团队里),我怀疑这是导致我账户被禁的原因。我有几张我们工会的具体DKP分配的图片,希望G M管理员能看一看,如果确实是误封,希望能给予解封。



Thank the administrator GM for verification. thank you

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