THE ONE guild master jiujian ninjas the bindings of the windseeker last week, and GM doesn't care about it

Raid ID: 126
Jiujian formed a raid group with 16 plugs and 24 his guild members. Before the raid, he said the looting system is 4 Point DKP + MS>OS with nothing in res, which means all members in the raid has 4 points at beginning. Everyone in the raid can bid the gears by using those 4 points. Everything went well until the bindings of the wind seeker dropped, Jiujian just ninjaed the bindings of the wind seeker. He said he did it because his guild organized the raid, and even though he didn’t say in advance that he res the bindings of the wind seeker, he should still have it as the guild master and raid leader. Rogue, hunters and warriors in the raid complained it to GM last week, but GM said he won’t do anything to it.

yes, 条款里有,GM不参与这种事。你可以拉黑他了。这种分配与掉落的事除非是因为服务器回档造成重要物品消失。但这也要提供大量证据。