The question of forbidden speech

Dear Mr. GM,

I am a loyal wow fan. I don’t know why I have been banned for 30 days or so

Maybe in the game, there is a problem of platoons scrolling, I am deeply sorry for my behavior.

I will watch my bad behavior in the future. Maintain a good game environment. And if you could help me lift the gag

Thank you for your understanding
my account:[email protected]
char lpUserName:53210918
Game name:sonofthesun

What does it mean?


Since we are in the copy level, the wealth team is a way to pick up. Pick up a progress in turn. Because purple gear drops more often. That’s why it’s called Team Fortune!

There was a man short in the line, so 4 wait 1

Thanks for your reply

We’re just adjusting the pick to free pick. Everyone has a chance to get purple gear

It is just normal stratholme farm group LF a lv60 mage O_O I don’t think anything wrong about that.

您好 建议以后拾取紫色 最好是让 应得的人自己拾取 你拾取尸体不拿东西 其他人就可以拿了

As I mentioned earlies, farm group always set all item in free loot and each one in team take turns to get all green+ item from each pull. So some random epic drop may be looted by others and trade back to the person who is the current owner in turns.



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Fixed that.


No problem, we’re improving our systems daily. Won’t be affected anymore.