<The Zoo> Recruiting

The Zoo is recruiting! We strive to be the top guild, while maintaining a good atmosphere.

We are recruiting all classes, hardcore and semi-hardcore players are welcome.
At the moment our priority is on fast levelers for MC server first. We are also looking for rankers/pvper.

Raid Time 20:00-24:00 CEST Thurs/Sat.
Requirements: World Buffs, Consumes, Pre-BiS, Enchants, Engineering (Raid 1).
PvE/PvP. Meaning we will contest WBoss, Ranking, and WPvP in addition to raiding.
Loot Council, we strive to be as knowledgeable and as fair as possible when distributing loot.
We will run 2 raids, a hardcore raid and a more casual/alt raid.

Formerly of Darrowshire where we were pleased to achieve BWL/AQ40 server first, Naxx server only, World Bosses on farm, and led PvP brackets.

We have a new GM with the same experienced raid leadership, main tanking, and most of the core. We intend to hit the ground running on fresh.

If you are interested please join our Discord and message an officer or a recruiter. https://discord.gg/hYFY8ngN7b