This is going to sound daft, but hear me out

… How do I get Chinese characters to display in chat? I have installed CN fonts on the PC (WIN 11) but Chinese chat is still displayed as random letters, numbers and symbols.
I would like to see what our Chinese friends are actually saying, even if it is via a cut and paste into Google Translate on a second screen.
Thanks in advance

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ur fonts maybe wrong.

So, just try another version of cn fonts? So you are saying that installation off fonts on the PC itself should be all that’s needed?

1.Put the *.ttf files that supporting Chinese in your Fonts\ folder of World of Warcraft
2.Disalbe ur ui addon like pfui.
2.1 if those Chinese characters can be showed properly, it’s shall because the fonts setting of ur ui can’t support it. Just switch to use other fonts, the fonts setting of pfui is in it’s general page if I still recall it right.

as for 1. Installing fonts on ur PC wont help, its the game client need to support Chinese char, that`s why you need to update the Fonts folder of wow.


Right, that makes sense now.
Many thanks.
I will have a look at this tonight.

Please post the solution once you got it working - other might want to know it as well (myself included)

try another version

i ask some english players , use 1.14 client can show chinese fonts

if you use 1.12 client , you need install support chinese fonts

see link GitHub - Tsamlag/fonts: Fonts for Vanilla WOW, view Chinese, Russian and Korean in World of Warcraft 1.12

Sorry for the late reply. I have Chinese fonts displaying correctly now - I am at work at the moment and can’t recall the specific package I used. I will find out later today and post back here.
I now have another issue - copying the Chinese text from the chat window to a translator. I have a copying addon and it works fine - western text is copied and pasted correctly, but Chinese characters when pasted just come out as ??? This is weird because when I copy CN text from a website into the translator it copies correctly - so there is an issue specifically with copying from the game client chat window.

I’ll gather some more details tonight and post back here then.

Chinese fonts - UnicodeFont addon from here: GitHub - Daribon/UnicodeFont: Addon for reading Chinese, Russian, Korean etc on any vanilla client.
Copy text from chat: CopyCat addon - here: CopyCat

Like I said, Chinese now displays perfectly. I even have CN fonts installed on the computer itself.
BUT, when copying Chinese from chat and pasting it, all I get is a string of question marks. Western text copies and pastes fine. Also, if I copy Chinese from a chinese website, it pastes correctly, just like western text.

Why can’t I copy the Chinese text properly from the chat window? Any ideas?

Control Panel → Clock & region → region → Administrative->Language for non-Unicode programs-> by deafult it should be “English(United States)” or something similiar, and change it to “Chinese”

Friendly tips: When you can read Chinese, please install the plug-in that blocks the advertisement at the first time, and there will be a studio screen swiping

Thank you - I will give this a try and let you know if it works.