Thunderfury,blessed blade of windseeker Quest Chain Bug report

The quest Chain of Windseeker is started in the Silithus Npc: Highlord Demitrian,you should get one or two of the Bindings of windseeker,then you could get Item “Vessel of rebirth” from Demitrian,but the system shows “cannot find that item in database” please have a check and fix that or no one could get the Thunderfury,bleessed blade of windseeker.

I already have two items two of the Bindings. my character is Jaychou and account is fidelio210
now i just cant get Vessel of rebirth. another warrior named huoyan cant have that also.

Wait what? They shouldn’t drop at all until patch 1.6.

really! in our guild we drop 4 bindings already.
and i m sure in other guilds it happens also.

Let me remove them from you then, they shouldn’t drop at all

nonono wait😂

Don’t remove😂
It drops already.let’s keep it then.

i checked update of 1.5 on Patch 1.5.0 | WoWWiki | Fandom
It says Highlord Demitrian is back! For those players unraveling the mysteries of Thunderaan, you may once more speak with the Highlord.
so if u have items,u can speak to him.but need to finish the whole q in 1.6
Plz don’t remove😂


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