Torn between Warrior or Paladin!

Hello! If not most maybe some of you might be long-time player of the game and have a decent experience of the classes’ gameplay. While looking into the internet for guides/ reference, I want to know your opinion between Warrior and Paladin since both have their pros and cons which I find trouble figuring out which class to choose.

Looking forward to everyone checking this out their opinion :blush:

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choice is easy my friend, you want to be a walking meme dressed in cloth doing nothing but healing end game, or be a chad warrior.


Depends on what’s important to you.

If you want to be one of the best healers in PvE/PvP, a pretty kick-ass 1v1 dueler, safe but slower leveler, potentially a viable dungeon tank, paladin is going to be pretty a good choice for you.

If you want to tank on the regular, be one of the strongest DPS, but don’t mind an absolutely harrowing leveling experience where you also pretty much instalose to any other class in 1v1 pvp then warrior might suit your tastes. :grin:


The choice between Paladin and Warrior ultimately boils down to 1 crucial distinction:

Do you want to be the hero who enables their allies to live and shine
Do you want to be the hero who will be enabled to shine by their allies

First one is Paladin, the second one is Warrior.


You are completely wrong. I hope you play paladin so i can prove you wrong ingame.

Unless you’re Esfand :grin:


My first ever char was a Paladin. Thought I could be a warrior, just with heals… oh how I was wrong. I love the class, but in classic they are predominately healers only.

That said, I love Holy Paladin in PvE, and even more in PvP. You are the bane of the Horde, total unit. If you master it you will be loved by all. Cons… wearing a skirt/leather/mail til Naxx. You can try to go Ret and mess about in 5 mans tanking as Prot etc, but 90% will see you as a meme + it takes a huge amount of effort. But, they are awesome - as healers.

Warrior is a totally different ball game. I played Warrior most of retail classic on Horde, it was awesome. You will be loved as a tank and always in demand. Fury PvE is epic (especially as horde with Windfury), PvP amazing as Arms (with support). Cons… you need a lot of gear and time to get right up there + will be an army of Warriors to compete with.

It really comes down to what style of play you like, what your focus is (PvP/PvE), how much time you have and what your whole idea of class fantasy is… they are very different classes.

Just my 2 cents.


what do you want to do? even though they sound similar they are very different

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Thanks for checking out this post, guys/girls. As much as I want to lead/tank, I heard that players tend to be impatient and lose their cool easily when a player somehow dont meet their expectation.
On the other hand, Im not the best when dishing out damage since I never really played as a pure DPS before.

But maybe for now I can just stick with solo leveling and be casual. Is this a path for a warrior or paladin? What spec should I play so I can search more about it for reference.

(here’s a banana keychain for attention)


Sounds like you should play paladin. Has good utility for leveling and you can heal dungeons when u feel like it

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Solo leveling, defo go paladin probably retribution spec for leveling. Warriors have it real rough compared to them on solo content.

As for wanting to lead/tank. That is something that just comes best with experience either first hand or by observation of others.
As you mentioned, you can tank an instance but it’s a kind of awkward thing to have the DPS or healers lead and tell you what to do. The tank is ideally the leader and sets the pace for the dungeon run.

My opinion is that it’s good to be a healer/dps first and watch a good tank lead do a dungeon first before going down that road and then you can emulate them. It’s just hard to lead/tank an instance that you have zero starting knowledge for.

If you do decide to dive into tanking though it’s usually enough to explain to them that you’re new to the role and would be appreciative of any feedback or advice they can offer. There’s often a shortage of tanks anyways and if you’re nice people can be surprisingly patient :ok_hand:

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Definitely Paladin then. In this version of WoW the talent builds are (very) flexible, so it depends on how you want to play your Paladin. But since it’s your first time, a standard Retribution build will suffice.

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Hell yeah brother!

I don’t think this is the right mindset. Don’t be deterred from engaging in group play as that is really the heart of the game. It can still be done casually too. Others having played the game for decades and having more experience should not create a barrier between you experiencing things to the fullest.

When I first touched Vanilla I rolled a warrior. I had experience with later expansions of the game, but not with Vanilla itself or its dungeons. I did still set foot in almost all dungeons. Take for exmple the Wailing Caverns, it can be quite maze for veterans too if you stroll off of the beaten path. People directed me through without an issue if there was a crossing or a jump. It’s not a high APM game that doesn’t allow you to communicate, people can still type during packs. Most importantly, you don’t need to be an immensely skilled player if people like being around you. Of course you will run into people who leave because they require a higher pace, but I think most value the social interactions within the game more.

TLDR: don’t restrict yourself to solo play


Paladin, hands down


If you go holy paladin PVP, you will be instant liked by everybody


Some people can and will be yeah, but we all have to learn somewhere - if you are sincere and upfront about it, most people will help in my experience.

A tank, especially, that is good and communicating and being honest/asking questions is better than one that is not aware of their healer’s mana (for example), goes off on a rampage/doesn’t know the tactics and does not ask is far worse.

Like others have said, I would not think about sticking with solo levelling - can be fun, but if you are new/unsure then I would strongly advise to get stuck in with others and learn! That’s what is is all about!

Do some research, go for what you like the sound of, then if you play Alliance hit me up and we’ll do some stuff together!


cope harder wana be warrior

This warrior v paladin memes had me dying🤣. Well thank you guys for giving your opinions (or facts if thats what those pictures are trying to imply)

I think I’d start off as Healing paladin to observe how group tanking work before trying warrior/pally tanking? I’ll meet another player or two to maybe play together with along the way.

I dont do really well with DPS in any game. Its either Tanking or Support roles. Just to put this out there :wave:


I’ll say that if you’re not really looking to DPS and primarily looking to Tank or Support/heal, Druid is going to be an overall better choice than Paladin.

Paladins are like top-tier healers, and are mostly “ehh I guess we can’t find anyone else” tanks in dungeons.

Druids are good healers and probably the best dungeon tanks and also surprisingly good tanks in raids too.

Just putting it out there that Druid might better suit your needs a bit better for the roles you are looking to explore!