Unable to enter the game normally

Dear Everlook Staff
My game ID is killhello,My account can be logged in normally,and enter the role selection,Every time I choose this role“Year”, enter the game and read a note, I exit the game。Other characters can enter the game normally,Thank the administrator for helping me solve。

Thank you. The role can log in now. Sorry to take up your resources. After many times of re-login and re-installing the client, and changing several devices, I have no hope. Because I didn’t find the reason for the problem, I thought a lot last night. In the past two months, in order to reach level 60, I ran around the world with my new friends, and in order to comply with the rules, I opened the portal to send water and bread to my friends for free. On the day when I couldn’t log in, if there was no Warcraft behind, Is it necessary to change a life,However, I’m still back, love you, I’m very happy。ty!!!!!!!

We don’t support 1.14 and hermes proxy.